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Welcome to
Rights Revolution

“In the battle for our planet’s future, defending human rights is the first line of defense against climate change.


Welcome to Rights Revolution, a platform dedicated to championing human rights, combating climate change in Pakistan. Our organization is founded on a deep commitment to creating a better world.

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Our Mission

To catalyze change by promoting awareness, advocating for policies, and fostering collaboration to protect human rights and combat climate change, ensuring a just and thriving world for current and future generations.

Our Vision

Empowering a Global Community for a Sustainable Future where Human Rights and Climate Justice Flourish Together.

Our Process

Uniting voices through powerful storytelling, insightful analysis, and impactful activities to drive change and advance the causes of human rights and climate action.

Why choose us ?

Through our platform, we share stories that highlight the human aspect of human rights and climate change issues. We provide insightful analysis that deepens understanding and paves the way for informed decisions. And most importantly, we engage in meaningful activities that drive change and advance the causes of human rights and climate action. 

Passion and Expertise

Our team is passionately dedicated to human rights and climate justice, with founder TEHREEM AHMAD's expertise driving our impactful initiatives.

Holistic Impact

We address both human rights and climate change, recognizing their interconnectedness, to create real, measurable change.

Global Community

By choosing Rights Revolution, you join a global community committed to transparency, education, and collaboration for a just and sustainable world.

Join Us in Our Mission

Rights Revolution is more than a name; it’s a call to action. It’s an invitation to join us in our mission to protect human rights, combat climate change, and create a just and thriving world for all.

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